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  1997-2002     VERSION 2.3b        

    Panzer v2.3b (zip)
    Size: 102 kB 
    Requirements: mIRC 5.51 

    Please take a look at the Install/Setup page after you have 
    downloaded this file. Panzer needs to be installed correctly 
    to work properly. 

    Panzer v2.3b (exe)
    Size: 395 kB 
    Requirements: mIRC 5.51 

    This exe file will install itself correctly onto your system. If changing the
    install location to other than the default one, make sure there are no
    blank spaces in the path. Also, during the install, you'll see a msg
    telling you to use mIRC 5.41. Ignore that, and use mIRC 5.51. 

    If having problems downloading, an optional download page has been
    set up HERE 

    (A new window will open, and you will be directed to the download page.
    If you have multiple windows open, check one of those windows if you
    don't see the window open) 

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  - Version 2.3b
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  - mIRC 5.51  
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