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Welcome to Panzer Fileserver    

NOTE: My e-mail program + all ALL e-mails for all my accounts was lost
due to a system crash 04. Aug 2004.
Would the person from UK, requsting info about .ini files in root and system
folder please re-mail me.  Arnt

Latest update:  5. Aug - 2004

Panzer v2.4 (Limited Version) released. Script comes with no
help files at the moment, and may therefore not be suitable
for those of you that are completely new to this type of
mIRC scripts. Help files and install / setup guide will be added

Included file, PHELP.TXT, will show a brief desc. of some of
Panzer 2.4's features / options, and a quick install note.
Please read through it at least once after you've completed
the download.

mIRC version to use: mIRC v6.12

Download options, v2.4L:

MAIN FILES  (     - Complete script

UPDATE FILES ( - Latest updated files of 2.4L

Note: copy the INI files found in the update zip file into the
/SYSTEM folder of where you installed the script. Phelp.txt
should be copied to the root install folder.

If you have downloaded the main files, you will only need to
download the update files later on (unless otherwise specified).
This way you will be able to keep your own settings / stats etc.
Whenever an update is made, the main files are updated with
the new files as well, so really no need to download both.

Recent notes on the latest updates are shown below.

Recent updates, v2.4L:

16. Jul  - 2004

- fix - advertise timers on auto fserve and on reconnect from a 
- fix - misc errors caused by a non existing user level for the operator

15. Jul - 2004

- fix - resume should now work just fine
- fix - restricted dir cheat
- fix (?)
- shutdown timer

14. Oct - 2003

- update - minor adjustment list window user stat

- info - 
Important - To avoid a remote exploit that may cause
            your mIRC to crash, please use version 6.12 of mIRC.
            Panzer 2.4L has been tested for use with this specific
            mIRC version, and seems to work just fine. :)
            For more info about the exploit, click HERE

31. Aug - 2003

- update -  minor adjustment user account system
- update -  mp3 length info corrected
- update -  uptime/shutdown timers corrected for use
                 with mIRC 6.1

- info - Panzer 2.4L seems to work just ok with the new
           version of mIRC (6.1), after the corrections shown
           above. :)

17. Aug - 2003

- FIX - filename scan - now updates correctly during a re-scan
- FIX - queue system - no longer halts on a failed send
- FIX (workaround) - random dialog picture/icon load error
       when trying to open some dialog windows. 
- FIX (?) - http proxy users will now receive credit on uploads
        (must have an active fserve chat window open)

added Server Maintenance
added Filename Correction scan

remade Auto Options
remade Upload Settings (upload speed)

update - Upload Manager - quick user stat view option
update - Upload Manager - option to change checked dir
update - Upload Manager - added misc. file option (dup file
              management etc.)
update - failed send (incomplete send error seen by user) - will
              re-send instead of time out when user tries to
              download file again

16. Feb - 2003
 - FIX
, Duplicate name reject now works correctly
 - FIX, CRC search by user in fserve now works correctly
 - Anti Cheat update (checks validity of a JPG,PNG,BMP upload)
 - Upload speed setting added for a more correct packet size
 - NOTE: 10 sec interval on auto join channels added, thus
   trying to reduce the "excess flood" disconnections some
   users are experiencing.
 - My e-mail address has changed. Please see bottom of
   of PHELP.TXT file, or click CONTACT on top of this page.
   NONE of my past e-mail accounts are valid anymore.

05. Jan - 2003
 - Advertise Update, channel advertise on multiple networks
   now supported

01. Jan - 2003
 - Stat update (Last Year stat shown in fserve window)

Updates will be posted continuously up until full version release.

Panzer Fileserver 1997 - 2003

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