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  To let users be aware of your fserve, you need an advertise that
  shows them that. The script uses a advertise system that needs to
  be set specifically to every channel you wish to trade in. It's done
  this way to ensure that you may run the fserve in trading channels,
  but at the same time be in other channels chatting (or whatever)
  without disturbing the non trading channel with advertises of your

  - Connect to IRC 

  - Join a channel you wish to trade in 

  - Right click in the channel window and select: 

  A window will then pop up, with the name of the channel(s) 
  you are in displayed. If the right column shows the word 
  NONE it means that that channel has not been given any 
  advertise setting (it will not show any advertise of your fserve) 
  To give this channel an advertise setting, you have to select an 
  advertise code from the 4 different setting that's displayed at 
  the bottom of the advertise window. You may choose one, 
  some or all of those codes 

  If on DALNET or other IRC nets that uses the same services as
  DALNET, i recommend you use code 1 (channel msg) ONLY 

  To give a channel an advertise setting, right click in the 
  window, and select SETTINGS then ADD then select the 
  CHANNEL. Type in a number based on the bottom ad. 
  info, like: 1 

  You have now completed the necessary steps to have the script show
  advertises of your fserve. Just set the fserve to ONLINE, and let
  Panzer do the rest.. :) 
Online Income
Panzer Fileserver
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