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  1997-2002     INSTALL / SETUP GUIDE        
  These guides will show you how to Install, Setup and make the
  Fileserver advertise. Remember that v2.3b is about 3 years old,
  thus making the install/setup process a bit "cumbersome" compared 
  to nowadays script "correctness". This will of course change with the
  next version, 2.4

  Before we start with the guides, make sure the following
  conditions are met:

  • No blank spaces in your filenames
        - a long   = wrong
        - = correct

  • You have the correct mIRC version
    use mIRC 5.51 no matter what
          anyone else tells you

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Panzer Fileserver
 I n f o :  I n f o :
  - Quick Overview   - Alladvantage
  - Install/Setup (v2.3b)   - Bepaid
  - Mailing List   - Uniquesurf
  - Next version, v2.4
  - Themail
  - Preview v2.4  
  - FAQ Guestbook
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 D o w n l o a d :
  - Version 2.3b
 V o t e  p l s :
  - mIRC 5.51
  - Bug Fix
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