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  1997-2002     Quick Overview        
      Panzer Fileserver is a script for use with the IRC client mIRC, and its main 
     purpose is to give an easy way of sharing your files with others on the IRC 

     Panzer is very configurable and easy to use, and should suit both new and 
     experienced IRC user. 


     - Ratio/leech system 
     When running a ratio fileserver, you tell the script to not accept user 
     downloads before certain conditions are met. Meaning they have to give 
     you something before getting anything from you. 

     If running a leech fileserver, the user doesn't have to give you anything 
     prior to downloading files from you. 

     - Advertise system 
     The script uses an advertise system that make you able to show others 
     what kind of files you have to offer. It's flexible, and enables you to 
     advertise in selected channels, without disturbing the non trading channels 
     with your ads. Combined with a ratio fileserver, the advertise can be a 
     great help on telling the users the type of files that you want uploaded to 

     - Stats 
     Several statistics are created when you are running the fileserver, and 
     besides the statistics itself, it might give you an idea of what changes that 
     can be made for improvements on your archive of files. "Dead files", 
     "hot files" etc.. 

     Download a copy of the script and have a look for yourself. Be sure to 
     come back later and check for the new and improved version of the script
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Panzer Fileserver
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  - Version 2.3b
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