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  1997-2002     SETUP v2.3b        
  This step will explain the basics on how to setup the script.
  Remember that every window in the script has a popup menu
  available by right clicking the mouse. Some of those windows 
  has a HELP option that tries to explain a certain feature etc.. 
  If stuck, check if help is available for that window/option. 

  - Right click in any window and select FSERVE SETUP 

  A window will then open. Do another right click and select 

  The script will then ask for some info that it needs to be 
  set up correctly: 

  - Enter PATH NAME to files..( like c:\files\pics ) 
      If you have your offered files located at: c:\files\pics 
      then just type that into the box 

  - Max SIMULTANEOUS file dnloads for user 
      This will limit the number of files a user may have on 
      download at the same time. Type a number, like: 3 

  - Max SIMULTANEOUS file uploads from user 
      This will limit the number of files a user can upload to 
      you at the same time. Type a number, like: 3 
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  - Enter fserve TRIGGER word..(like !file) 
      This will set the trigger that the users needs to type to 
      access your fserve. You may type whatever you want 
      (use a single word), but i recommend you use some sort 
      of a sign in front of the word. An example of a trigger 
      word could be: !files 

  - Enter ratio. (3 = 1:3 .. 4 = 1:4 and so on..) 
      This will set the ratio that you want to have on the fserve 
      The ratio goes by file size in bytes. If set to 1:3, it means 
      that if a user uploads a file that have a size of 100000, 
      he will gain 300000 credits/bytes for that upload. 
      Type a single number to have the ratio set, like: 3 
      If you don't want to have a ratio fserve, type: 
      FREE CREDIT instead of a number.

  - Enter max users allowed 
      This will limit the number of users that may use your 
      fserve at the same time. Type a number, like: 4 

  The basic info has now been set by the script. However, as you 
  will see in the setup window, there are still more options that 
  hasn't been set. The script does not need to have those set, but
  they serve some purpose that you may try look into a bit. Do a
  right click in the setup window, and check out some of the options
  (look for the HELP option for any of those setting..) 

  The very first time you GO ONLINE with the script, it will create a
  duplicate list of the files you have to offer. The script will do this 
  even if you choose to allow duplicate files to be uploaded to you. If
  you have a lot of files, i recommend you try set the fserve to
  ONLINE once before you connect to IRC. 

  Known problem/bugs regarding the duplicate list: 
  If you have a very large collection of files or have a lot of files starting
  with the same chars., the % count you see when the script creates the
  duplicate list, might stop. If this should happen to you, do as follows: 

  - Go into FSERVE SETUP and set the script to allow 
    duplicate uploads 
  - Exit the setup window, then press ALT R 
  - Select VARIABLES 
  - Delete the line that has the variable called %fs.dupcheck 

  (this will be fixed in the next version)