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  1997-2002     INSTALL v2.3b        
  If you went for the EXE version of the script, you may skip this install
  part and proceed to SETUP

  This step will be explained as if you are using WINZIP when
  extracting the zip file.

  - Run WINZIP and select OPEN 

  - Browse to the file,, and select it 

  - Select EXTRACT and then select the location of where 
    you want the script installed 

  Make sure there are no blank spaces in the path
  to the location you have selected to install the script, like:

           c:\panzer  script\  = wrong
           c:\panzer_script\  = correct

  Make sure the box in the extract window 

          "USE FOLDER NAMES" 

  is checked. Panzer stores and will store some info in separate
  sub folders, and it's important that these sub folders are created.

  - Click the EXTRACT button to make WINZIP unzip the files 

  Copy the 2 following files from the location you have mIRC
  installed (remember, it must be mIRC 5.51): 

             mirc32.exe & mlink32.exe 

  into the location you choosed to install the script. 
  If C:\PANZER\ was your choice, that would be the 
  location to copy those 2 files into. 

  - Click on the mirc32.exe file to run mIRC (& Panzer)


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