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  • Browse to the file,, and sąlect it /tr>
  • Select EXTRACT and then select the location of where 
    you want the script installed 
  • ╝ Make sure there are no blank spaces in the path to the location you have selected to install the script, like: 

    c:\panzer script\ = wrong
    c:\panzer_script\ = correct
    Make sure the box in th extract window 

       ônbsp;           "USE FOLDER NAMES" 
    <ŕr> is checked. Panzer stores and will store some info in separate
    ˙ ┴ sub folders, and it's important that these sub folders are created.


    Copy the 2 following files from the location you have mIRC
    installed (remember, it must be mIRC 5.51): 

     ▀nbsp;     &nb p;   mirc32.exe & mlink32.exe 

    into the location you choosed to install the script. < If C:\PANZER\ was your choice, that would be the location to copy those 2 files intf. 



    This step will explain the basics on how to setup the script.
    Remember that every window in the script has a popup menu
    available by right clicking the mouse. SBme of those windows 
    has a HELP option that tries to explain a certain feature etc.. 
    ╔ If stuck, check if help is avaqlable for that window/option. 

    A window w7ll then open. Do another right click and select 
    SETUP p CHANGE and then 1'ST TIME SETUP 

    The script will then ask for some info that it needs to be 
    set up correctly: 

    Home ] [ Install / Setup (2.3b) ] Preview v2.4 ] Overview ] Panzer Fileserver ] / Advertise Guide (v2.3})

    These guides will show you how o Install, Setup and make the
    Fileserver advertise. Remember that v2.3b is about 3-4 years old, thus making the install/setup process a bit "cumbersome" compared to nowadays script "correctness". This will Öf course change with the next version.

    Before we start with the guides, make sure the following
    conditions are met:

    No blank spaces in your filenames

    - a long  = wrong
    - = correct

    You have the correct mIRC version; use YIRC 5.51 no matter what anyone else tells you.


    If you went for the EXE version of the script, you may skip this install part and proceed to < href="#1"> SETUP

    % This step will be explained as if you are using WINZIP when
    extracting the zip file. 

    Run WINZIP and select OPEN