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Fserve Session
 This is how the new internal dirlist will be shown to the users of your fserve.
 In front of every filename you will see a number, like < 20 >, and the user
 will only have to type GET <number>, like: GET 20 to download that file
 from you. No longer needed to type in the whole filename, or do some 
 copy/past for those hard to type long filenames..

 Also, the list will update itself on any changes made to any file, the download
 stats (downs) will update itself when a file has been downloaded from you, 
 this giving the user instant view of how many times i file has been downloaded.
 This also react to if a file is set to FREE (Free: Yes), etc..All updates will
 be shown the next time the user uses the DIR command..
 More options are provided, like hiding a file from the list, giving a file a
 special ratio, etc..

 I've provided two previews of this, one with white background, and one with
 black background (see below for the black one). I've tried to use colors
 that goes well with both those choices..(notice: the color quality is not 100%
 perfect in these previews)

Fserve Session (black)