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    RipFix (ZIP)
    Size: 12 kB 

    As always, there are individuals trying to cheat you, and the latest 
    happening on that arena is a "ripper" script. This "ripper" script is able
    to fool any FServe (not just Panzer) into believing it gets a valid
    upload, when in fact you are just uploading a renamed file to yourself. 

    This fix will detect this, and Panzer will then AUTO BAN and kick these
    users off your FServe. 

   *** UPDATE ***
   The GET ./filename "cheat" is now fixed, and it's included in the above

    Inside this zip file, you will find 3 ini files. Copy those ini files into the
    /SYSTEM directory of where you installed the script, letting them
    replace/overwrite the old files. 

    When you have installed this fix, and the menu that comes up when a
    user enters your FServe doesn't show, you might be running an older
    v2.3b version of Panzer. Panzer has been distributed on many
    different sites, and these other sites may not have been updated their
    copy of Panzer with past fixes etc. If getting the error above, please
    download and install v2.3b all over again from this site. Then update it
    with this fix. 


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